In case you don’t know…

Tattoosdays. Always Free to get in.
VAUGHN plays Punk/Glam @ ALPHA,
JASON brings the Metal to THEE GROTTO.

4 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. When I come down to Orlando…I’ll have to drag out a bunch of the guys after work and come check you out! I’ll be down on Nov. 12th

    1. I DJ two nights a week right now but by then I think I’ll be back up to 3. Sundays are where all the good stuff happens. It’s at a place called BAR BQ BAR. Picture a cross between the Highlander and a trailer park with strippers, punks, old ass metal heads and bums all dancing and air drumming along to Motley Crue one minute and belting out some Hank Sr. the next. It’s a fucking blast.

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