Last night’s recap and a short explanation

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Alpha bar last night was great. Not a huge crowd, but very enthusastic. Lots of drunken singing and wiggling about. Led of course by Orlando’s favorite Punk-rawk amazon, the lovely and talented, not to mention bad-ass, Whitney! Hopped up on car-bombs and sleep deprivation, I don’t think she sat still all night. Thanks Whit! Another highlight of the evening was a cute yet wobbly visit from ude7. She then promptly disappeared into the night later to re-surface pole dancing next door. I miss all the good stuff!

-On a personal note…-

Ok…I’m gonna put this out here. I’m recently single again and in a town this size, you’re going to run into the ex from time to time. I mean, same friends, similar tastes, interests etc. The thing is, I don’t need certain things jammed in my face. I myself try to get some distance for a month or two after breaking up with someone, try different bars, different nights to go out, whatever. I certainly wouldn’t try telling someone where to go, when, or with whom. But damn it! If I’m DJing someplace, that leaves the WHOLE city open.

Granted, when she asked me I told her she could go wherever she wants and I’m sure her friends would miss her were she not there. But this journal is my place to vent. Hypocritical? Well yeah, so?

That’s all I’m saying on this subject. Take it for what it is.

One thought on “Last night’s recap and a short explanation

  1. I’m sorry that my presence disturbs you. However I do go to new bars. I do try to avoid being in your way as well as you mine. I’m not bitching, so please don’t make me feel like shit for going out. It is a small town after all. Also I, to my knowledge, have not brought anyone out with me and been “rude” in your presence. Let’s stay friendly okay. That is all I ask.

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