Happy happy…

Happy Halloween you sick fucks!

Had a great night last night. I sold a painting that I had marked at $60.00 for $150.00!!! Somehow the tag had fallen off and the person who bought it made an offer and my friend accepted it for me. No mention of the previous price. I tell ya, this art thing is a racket!

Later on I went “shoe shopping” and hung out with the ever lovely ude7 at Dancer’s. Talked shit with Rico for awhile and called it a night.

Tonight I’ll be celebrating my favorite time of year in full clown drag with my lovely friends Gen and Dave of Genitorturer’s fame. Her and D. have promised me a night to remember…or not. “Rock out with your butcher knife out!!!” TRICK OR TREAT MOTHER FUCKER!

11 thoughts on “Happy happy…

          1. Hey Vaughn. Would you mind lending me the coding for listing a banner that you can click on to go to your website? I’d like to run one of my own. JARET.

          2. I just found this. I had a sneaking suspicion that I wasn’t being notified of responses to Livejournal entries and I’m correct. But thanks for the information. I will do so.

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