Bodhi’s recap from last night’s nonsense…

Even though I didn’t see many LJ faces stumble through the bar last night, I thought I’d drop a line or two to say thanks to the ones I did spot… Well, you know who you are so thanks fellas.

Had a pretty steady crowd last night after things finally got rolling along. Hit stride around the tick of 11:30 and it was downhill from there. Heh heh…I stayed sober as my skin is still glowing the faintest shade of green (2 PBR’s never hurt anyone) but that wasn’t the case for the rest of those in attendance. Good time even though flat out with the pillow was where I really needed to be. By the way, apparently my black eye makes me look “Lived in”…? Thanks doll.

Short set list anyone? Here’s some of it…

Lords of the New Church: Fresh Flesh
Hanoi Rocks: Taxi Driver
Black Halos: She Said
KISS: Deuce
Dogs D’Amour: Everything I want
Rolling Stones: Can’t you hear me knockin
Richard Hell: Can’t keep my eyes on you
New York Dolls: Trash
Motley Crue: Looks that kill
Def Leppard: Rock Rock
Runaways: Cherry Bomb
Motorhead: Angel City
Zodiac Mindwarp: Let’s Break the Law
Fog Hat: Slow Ride
Alice Cooper: Guilty
Ted Nugent: Stranglehold
Black Sabbath: Fairy’s wear boots
Van Halen: You really got me
Nazareth: Hair of the Dog
Sweet: Fox on the run
Metallica: Motorbreath
Entombed: Hollywood Babylon
WASP: Blind in Texas
Faster Pussycat: Smash Alley
Aerosmith: Lightning Strikes
AC/DC: Shake a leg

There was more of course but uh…

Yeah…shoulda been there. Next week then kids.

11 thoughts on “Bodhi’s recap from last night’s nonsense…

  1. yo, make me a mix disc. i bet it would be fab. i’m passing one around soon of my own, but i am afraid you might not like it cos it ain’s super “heavy.” it’s all good, i want a mix from you,please.

  2. I would like to come out, but just can’t pull it off with a 5 a.m. “rise and shine” workday. Excuses suck, I know. I may be out this weekend though, if there’s anything worth seeing or doing around town. Not that we would recognize one another on the street (or bar), but still…:)

    1. It’s OK.One of these days…As far as this weekend, my only recomendation is to go see Jason at BBQ Bar on Sunday night for “Demonic A Go Go”. I won’t be there myself as I have a 6am wake up call for work Monday.

    1. I know you would brother. Cheers. I have something coming up that should be cool. I’ll let you know when it comes through.

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