Today at work I saw two things that gave me so much inspiration that my face was for the rest of the afternoon ripped ear to ear with the most wicked and toothy of grins. I saw an old man taking fast steps towards new beginnings and adventure within hours of a child showing promise I could have never imagined. It was a good day and I see how life is meant to be.

10 thoughts on “New

    1. Yeah. It was actually so damn cool. I’d fill in the whole story but there’s no need. Point is my new job is off to a good start.

      1. That’s great, glad you could find a good one like that. Now it’s my turn to find one like that. hehe, I’ll still have to go back to Dancers for a lil while and then hopefully on to something a lil more fulfilling. What kind of business are you in?

        1. I don’t really wanna say where I’m at because of a couple stalkers but it’s a great gig and I am gonna bust my ass but it’s worth it so… I am happy with it.

  1. Amazing huh? But, will you drink the Kool Aide? I’ll tell you about the Kool Aide over dinner…….soon my friend….soon. Glad you had fun….you have to have fun…..It’s a core value!

    1. Didn’t know Jim Jones was involved. Heh heh…remind me to tell you about the old man and the kid. Good stuff. Had a lot to take in but you know what? Not a single complaint.

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