Lost it.

Ever feel like something is missing? I do and have for awhile now. Don’t quite know what to say by way of description but I have the feeling that if I just look in all the stops I’ve made along the way, I’m bound to find it. So I guess I need to just keep back tracking and maybe the pieces will fall back into place.

18 thoughts on “Lost it.

  1. i read this after my last friends-only update. sounds like you and i are in the same place, only we came there from opposite directions. i seem to forget that i’m missing something until i start retracing my steps back. fucking pandora’s box, my past is. one of these days i’ll learn to keep the damned thing shut. hope you find what you’re looking for, in any event… ~p

      1. things are swell, really. i’m just too caught up in my past the last couple of days to be able to appreciate what’s going right. grrrr. haven’t seen me around o-town lately because i’ve been spending a lot more of my free time in tampa, and the drama of downtown orlando just irritates the fuck out of me. as do 90% of the people i see whenever i do manage to venture out. yeah, i’m a bitch and a snob. at least i’m honest. : D you should give me a holler whenever you venture down again tho. sounds like we can commiserate over a drink…. ta, ~p

          1. right then. name the place and the poison… too bad the liar’s club (am i even spelling that right?!?!) ditched the jello wrestling on wednesday nights…. ta, ~p

      1. Yeah, like car keys But it could also be like those toy helicopters that fly and come back (like a boomerang) Only it takes a little longer to return

          1. Can’t you remember a time when you felt like you weren’t missing something? If you do, then you know its out there But it will come It always does

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