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First Movie you ever saw in the theatre: Towering Inferno
Fav movie as a kid: Swamp Thing
Movie you have seen the most times: Smokey and the Bandit
Biggest Movie Star crush as a kid: Jenny Wright from Near Dark
Fav 80’s teen Movie: Outsiders
Fav song from a movie: “Scream until you like it!”:WASP from Ghoulies
Fav Love Romance Movie: Barfly
Fav Horror Movie: Creature From The Black Lagoon
Fav Drama: Before Night Falls…very good…very very good.
Fav Sci Fi movie: Cool As Ice
Fav Comedy Movie: Scarface
Fav Action Movie: Death Race 2000
Fav Musical: Rock and Roll Highscool
Movie that Scared you as a child: Jaws did a bit.
Movie that makes you cry everytime you see it: Rocky 1+2
Worst movie you ever saw: You really have no understanding of my taste in movies do you?
Movie you walked out on in the theatre cause it was so bad: I don’t take many chances when going to see a movie
Most sexual movie you ever saw (NON PORN): Deliverance
Most Disturbing movie you ever saw: Beaches
Movie that supposedly sucks but you love it: Again…my tastes lean towards the worst movies ever made.
Fav Actors: Let’s say, uh…Errol Flynn and Klaus Kinski
Fav Actresses: Here I will just go with…Audrey Hepburn and Isabella Rossellini
Fav Porn Star: Pig from Babe
Fav sex scene from a movie (NON PORN): The bog scene from Trainspotting…
Movie you wanted to see the most as a child but were not allowed to: I saw pretty much whatever I wanted.
Sexiest movie star of all time MALE: The Wolfman
Sexiest movie star of all time FEMALE: Bride of Frankenstein
Movie that could/might have well as been written about your life:Redneck Zombies
Fave Villain in a movie: The Olsen twins
Last movie you saw on TV/rented? House of 1,000 Corpses
Last movie you saw in theatre: 28 Days

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