36 thoughts on “Um…duh.

        1. How crazy! I was just about to write you. If you aren’t too busy today, I was gonna send you a couple pictures and beg of your tyalents again. If not just let me know. As for the re-count on that dumb kid…I second your motion!

          1. sure send them on over. I probably wont be aboe to get tham back to you until tomorrow. I am extremely tired, and we are going to Venice this weekend, and we have lots to do around the house. So send them, and I will get them done as soon as I can.

          2. Your geographic location makes me soooo jealous. “Oh, we are going to Venice…la la la…” Heh…That’s fine. take some pictures for me. I know yu hate where you are but really, I do envy you at times. Thanks. BTW…if you can clean these up at all, cool. They are a bit blurry. I’m thinkin maybe a zombie theme if that makes any sense…Cheers.

          3. Yeah…there are some advantages of being in Europe I suppose. And Going to venice is one of them. I will be taking tons of pictures, and when I get them developed onto photo disk I will upload them all into my deviant art stock account. I will post links when the time comes. I will see what I can do with the pictures 😉

          1. You laugh. But it’s not so funny if it happens to you…not…that I would uh…well, never you mind. That ain’t funny.

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