Work related…

Guess who got his Warehouse Manager keys to “the Cage” today? Yeah, my life has gone from 0 to 100 in the last couple weeks and my brain is a bit frazzled but I am seeing that it’s gonna be a good thing once I get this shit down.

Hope to see some of you tonight. Can’t really drink as 7am catches me way too soon.

17 thoughts on “Work related…

  1. Sounds a bit KINKY to me but HEY “flabba llabba dabba dooo” sounds KINKY too! Love The Crazy ChickZ!!! AnyWayZ ~*~“CONGRATS!”~*~ A GOOD JOB IS A GOOD J O B m/

  2. love ta join ya out there tonight for that beer but i am stillr ecovering from the weekend. I will however be wandering downtown tomorrow night checking stuff out as minx booty dances at alpha. hopefully ill see ya round.

  3. And a third Congrats to you. The keys are a kick for a while, but the day will come entirely too soon when you realize that everybody who talks to you, all that lovin’ you get? Yeah, they just want in the cage. Users.

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