Last night started off at a snail’s pace but at 12:30 the kids all showed up and we cut loose with quite the shenaningans. Chris had the stoner rock rollin and then it was my turn and I decided to rev things up with the Stooges. There were men getting their asses humped by dangerous women and I do believe there was a thrashing given with a certain fella’s um…”business”. Sorry, I don’t usually dispense with the sordids but you just had to be there.

Short set list and a taste of what I’m bringin to the Lost and Found Friday:

Stooges: TV Eye
T Rex: 20th Century Boy
Cheap Trick: She’s Tight
Motorhead/Girlschool (Thanks J): Please don’t touch
Runaways: Cherry Bomb
Toilet Boys: Go Go Boy
Motley Crue: Red Hot
Guns and Roses: My Michelle
Hanoi Rocks: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Jet Boy: Feel the Shake
Junkyard: Hollywood
Electric Angels: Never really Loved you
Motorcycle Boy: Supersonic
Hangmen: Broke Drunk and Stoned
AC/DC: Whole lotta Rosie
Metallica: Am I Evil
Slayer: Angel of Death
Celtic Frost: Dethroned Emperor
Poison: Talk Dirty to me
Faster Pussycat: Bathroom Wall

That’s all I can remember at the moment.

Worked all day yesterday, then spinnin at Bodhi’s, then back to the store at 7:30am. I’m a wiped out motherfucker!

14 thoughts on “Briefly…

  1. Yup, your tracklist IS like mine haha (one thing’s was Girlschool that did ‘Please Don’t Touch’ with Motorhead…Wendy O did ‘Stand By Your Man’ with Lemmy.) I really need to go to this club dammit. 😉

  2. ::thanks something that at least there’s confirmed good music for part of the fest:: heh, well that and I just know, or at least they better play it, that gargamel will be playin some o dat sweet sweet gimme gimme coconuts gimme gimme chocolate heh

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