Thinking about someone who was until recently a “friend”.

You know…demonizing me to cover your own behaviour is kind of understandable but you really never knew me it seems. I may not be the easiest person to understand and I sometimes do massive emotional destruction to myself and those around me but I would have stood by you through much worse than the tide that turned you back to land.

We found ourselves in a very awkward place and it made me just as uncomfortable as it did you. The difference is that you decided a half truth with a twist of the blame would set you up to play the good person…”If you say anything I will deny it and blame you.” I believe that was the exact quote at the time.

I’m just crazy though so no one would believe me right?

I talk to someone a lot more than anyone of you knows and just because I don’t feel the need to broadcast it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I am just keeping certain things to myself from now on. BUt just know that it all comes around and I really do miss you some days.

24 thoughts on “Thinking about someone who was until recently a “friend”.

  1. I’ve just come to the conclusion that some people think that nothing is real unless they post it in their own livejournal, and that once they do it’s all true. None of them take into account that not all of us say everything in our respective journals, and we have good reasons for that.

          1. that’s what its taken for me, too. Sometimes you gotta get trying at something to make it work.. I had the trip to Orlando all planned for that weekend- then you didn’t answer the phone- then The drama with her started, so I said fuck this bullshit. Oh well, maybe later. I’m gonna stick with this Vlad thing and ride it out as long as I can. Are you okay???

          2. Things are so up in the air and chaotic for me right now. I don’t know who I am half the time. I am walking away from the Atlanta connection since it seems she has too much going on anyway. I need to focus on work and saving money to move back to Los Angeles anyway. Talk to you later. Hope I get to see you before too long though.

  2. well, at least I don’t think so… I really can’t stand it when people can’t be honest and place blame. I have friends too that I experience the same feeling of missing them on some days. And it do suck sometimes, but I have found it to be for the best with those people.

  3. Isn’t it amusing how the people that do shit like this have this uncanny knack for trying to turn it all on YOU and blame you for being the asshole? I JUST got thopugh dealing with the same bullshit this past week with someone i thought was a ‘friend’. (but you know that already from reading my journal) 😛 Un-fucking-believable.

      1. I signed up to be a dj online wheeee I am going to be dj atomic.. the station manager had me send her my info so it looks like I got it!!

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