Why the Hell not…?

you are Gary Oldman's unexpected cameo in
The appearance of a great actor in a trashy rock
video: you are the perfect union of opposites.
You are the unexpected harmony resulting from
the combination of disparate parts. Red
tomatoes and eggs. Anabolism and catabolism–
you are the paradox that powers the world. You
may feel small right now, but do not worry–
inside you is the seed of a bright new

which clip from a Guns ‘N Roses video are you?
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8 thoughts on “Why the Hell not…?

      1. you are that guy jumping around in the background of the
        Well, actually, you’re the entire video for
        “Garden of Eden,” but especially that
        manic guy dancing around in the background.
        What is your role? How did you gain
        admittance? You offer no suggestions, and make
        no excuses. You are the one who crawls between
        the thwarts, who walks the wings, planning
        perdition, rack and ruin. You keep your
        promise for everyone. And when the first human
        finally lands on the moon, they will find you
        waiting there, a sad smile on your face, and a
        1967 Colt .45 limp and ready in your hand. In
        the meantime, you will enjoy yourself. It’s
        not a problem you can stop– it’s rock and

        which clip from a Guns ‘N Roses video are you?
        brought to you by Quizilla

    1. Ugh…I know. So many people all saying that at the moment. I have some big changes going on. An announcement may be in order. Don’t feel too bad though, even my Mom doesn’t get her calls returned lately. Seriously trying to get this one thing together and it’s eating up any time I have outside of work. More later.

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