Random dog in tie.

Those thunder storms last night did me in. I was lights out fairly early even on my clock and had some creeped out nightmare action due I’m sure in no small part to a late night invasion of the snack counter. Of course details slip at this point (except a flash of something to do with a dog wearing a suit and tie with a gold tooth…?) but cold sweats called me awake at 4am for no reason.

Today’s agenda holds another run at the job hunt for a bit, getting all shot up by sinistersister and a possible trip Tampa side for very little good reason. Most likely I’ll nix that and veer a bit closer to home if I do go out and about. I need to finish my latest waste of pigment at some point but after, I’m sure I’ll be ready to come up for air.

Oh…wanted to add that I got all my belongings back after the little invasion on Sunday. Seems that some people have a stronger spine in the dark. Thanks B. you always come through my man.

4 thoughts on “Random dog in tie.

  1. With all that is happening…My thoughts and good Voodoo your way. Shit gets weird sometimes and I kindof look around and say to whoever or myself…This is not the life I ordered but I am on the ride….hmmmmm

  2. Hmm, yeah. I had a slightly unpleasant dream last night myself. Something were I woke up at night in the woods and noticed I was alone, then I looking down and noticed I was covered in snakes. Didn’t like that very much, but it’s better than waking up with a fully clothed dog that’s sporting a gold tooth I suppose.

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