Flash bulbs and fluids.

Stayed in tonight to abuse my paintbrushes a bit rather than my liver. I was going to head to the bar for what would, I’m sure have been an extended lesson in bad behavior. Besides, last night sinistersister and someone fitting my description did enough damage after our shoot in the red room of Eye Spy as is. Hope good things come from that one but I think I looked a bit suspect at the time having imbibed a bit. If anyone can make something of such sloppy subject matter she can. I imagine I’ll subject you fine people to abundant photographic evidence later in the week.

You have been warned…

14 thoughts on “Flash bulbs and fluids.

  1. probably didn’t hurt that you were the subject either baby…..I hope the bothersome girl with the bad highlights didnt make it out in one piece…..

      1. farah? leif? drunk florida girls who’ve evidently not heard of vogue? and I’d imagine one of the extras on smokey and the bandit….keep an eye out.

      2. Actually, if i may interject here… if you can make a denim suit look this good, then by all means… wear it. seriously.

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