Short changed.

Search for employ turned up the goose egg today. Dropped a few more resumes but outlook not in the green. Speaking of green, I got my final pay from G.C. this afternoon and was shocked. The numbers just seemed to be a bit more slim than I expected. Thought with final pay I would get compensation for any vacation time not used like when I split Tower. Makes matters a bit more dire than 3 hours ago. Anyone know where a fella can make some swift loot without involving police, the metric system or chemicals?

10 thoughts on “Short changed.

  1. being a whore. cutting grass. cutting a whore’s grass. cutting grass dressed as a whore. cutting a whore’s grass dressed as a whore. cutting a whore’s grass dressed as grass. what the FUCK kind of word is “grass”? honestly though, cheap little one-off things like that (more the grass than the whore thing, although i’m not really suggesting you cut grass) might be the best option.

  2. I up and moved to Seattle! I’m working as a business temp right now, but I’m reinventing my self as Mr. Big from ‘Sex and the City’. Am I Count Ejacula or what? OK, maybe not a multi-millionaire dick, but yeah, funds. At least the minimum I get here is around $18 an hour. You should come visit; people are nice, smart, and clean. There HAS to be a catch…

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