Zom-baby take II

This is the final deal. He’s still up for grabs at $150.00 but there’s an offer in my mailbox at the moment so let me know…

22 thoughts on “Zom-baby take II

    1. Someone should buy you this for your birthday. I’ll even cut them a deal…if I wasn’t in such dire straights I’d be giving you this.

      1. I know. I wish! I love it, but then if someone did, I’d have to become their love zombie and we all know that would end with me just eating their brain. I wonder if brains taste like creme broulee.

          1. Ew. I had a brain taco one time in Mexico. I pretended it was human but it was prolly dog. Kinda didn’t taste like anything but had the consistency of scrambled eggs. I just put more hot sauce on it and ordered more tequila.

          2. We discussed that before and I think I said it was like scrambled eggs but crossed with liver. Fluffy sort of.

          3. With enough tequila anything seems like a good idea, taste buds or nutritional value be damned.

        1. Not really because I can’t afford my own site so I just blanket LJ and anywhere else I can get away with posting. Usually works out ok.

          1. How about someplace like DeviantArt? But then again Im new to computers, and sites etc, I just thought maybe youd do well there. You obviously have talent. Just a thought. Thats where I have my few peices, untill I buy webspace. Nice art, hope to see more 🙂

          2. To my understanding, Deviant Art make you sign away your work or some such nonsense…Not sure. Thank you though for the compliment.

      1. hey are you on AIM/AOL right now? if you are message me – “predatory medusa”. ya dont have to answer or unscreen this if youre on. ill take your IM as the response 😛

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