Ramble of the frazzled.

Lack of sleep is providing a steady fry on the neurons. Spent the day yesterday buried in a book about somebody done some killin and I could smell the fresh cartridges as they fell to the floor. See, I was up at the crack of never went to sleep to steady my mother through a doctor’s appointment which called for a quick slip over to Trampa to wander Ybor in search of food. After her scheduled visitation we went to see some fancy schmancy bloodshed…swords and arrows and flying fireballs oh my. That King Arthur movie…rent it if at all.

Did get to catch up with my own favorite limey though as I bumbled across that heathen wretch Christian. He was enroute to make the punch on the clock. Seeing me I suppose thereby throwing his day out of wack and made the chuckles that much rougher on our guts when we realized we had only ever seen each other by the light of day once the whole time we’ve known each other. That would be down in West Palm over chili dogs and amazonian battle cries. Better times in worse states of mind. Gonna make a trip over for a repeat and a good sit down as well next week. Been awhile.

14 thoughts on “Ramble of the frazzled.

  1. i’ve come to the conclusion you just need to call me. 😛 after ten, sometime. because every time i sit back and pick up the phone, i look at the clock and worry about waking you up. haha. apparently i wouldn’t tonight..er today… er whatever this applies as for one who hasn’t slept! i’m riding the insomnia train, as well.

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