Another day in the life…

It’s not every day that you get to go to the porno store to pick out your girl’s new lovely under garments…heh heh…and come home to find a stray coconut monkey left abandoned in your parking lot. Maybe one or the other but almost never both in the same afternoon. Almost.

But I mean…who in the Hell LOSES a fuckin coconut monkey?


Tragic. Words fail to capture the tragic sight I was just exposed to. While on my run I discovered what could have only been the mate to my previously mentioned coconut monkey found today in the parking lot near the mail boxes. I failed to mention that the one I found is cradling a wee little baby coconut monkey so I imagine the one I saw smashed to bits in the grass was the daddy coconut monkey. So…so…sad. NO coconut monkey should grow up without a daddy coconut monkey to guide them into coconut monkey adulthood.

45 thoughts on “Another day in the life…

  1. and i thought you had reached the peak of insanity earlier this year, but alas, I was wrong…lol. You know I am just kidding. I am going to be visiting Eryk next weekend and would like to at least say hello and meet your lady. Talk to you soon.

  2. what happened to the “unwrappings”? heh heh. I love the new kid….hopefully Trex wont eat her. If you ever come home and I’m singing to them while doing their nails lock me up someplace very very quiet.

          1. I think she keeps moving the baby from one arm to the other. I’ll catch her in the act…I know it.

  3. perhaps the mother murdered the father, while she was all strung out on crack. you never know about those coconut monkeys – you can’t trust them…..i’d watch your back, if i were you. could be like the zuni warrior thingy and come to life – try to stab you in the ankles & such.

  4. It’s a cruel and heartless world that abandons its monkeys to the whims of fate. Your coconut karma is up 2 points.

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