Sort of came out dark but here is me with the new haircut. Looks about the same but it’s to the side and whatever now…not sure if I like it this way or not though.

Was getting myself together to head out but sort of changed direction at the last minute. Hate when I get all ready only to decide that people are the last thing I wanna see. Think maybe after sending the little man off to live with the “Black Skull Mary” I am just sorta feelin low. Sort of like a traitor or somethin. I know he’s gonna be better off and makin new friends but I will just miss his rotten little furry ass. So…I’ll sit here and download shit till Ronna gets home and maybe drown my sorrows in cheese.

39 thoughts on “Well?

  1. aw honey. you’re far from a traitor. you did what you felt best for the kitty, even though it was hard. you are a good man :). and i’m sure he knows you love him. p.s. nice new ‘do 😀

    1. Thanks on both accounts L. Still not sure about this hair issue but I do know he will be happier with her and her critters.

      1. ronna said to give you guys a call tomorrow to talk details. what’s a good time to call you that you’ll be up and not occupied?

  2. does your girl’s opinion of the new hair still count or am I too bias? heh heh. As far as the other….you, my love, are the most amazing man on the planet.

      1. whatever you want….and if you change your mind we can work it out….I’d have 12 cats if it would make you happy…. Then of course we will be known as the creepy cat couple and we’d probably have to move to that house at the very top of the hill somewhere….The town folk will write stories about us and all the little kids will be afraid. heh heh.

    1. Yeah…Zee Zaux and I didn’t get along all the time but that’s how things go. This is such a mixed thing. I’m sure he will be better off.

  3. Awww… very sorry to read about your kitty! I had to do same with my parrot recently – still miss her feathered little pain in the ass. Good for you for recognizing what’s best for him though. (For what it’s worth, like the new ‘do, different!)

    1. He will be alright. The girl he’s living with at the moment smothers him with attention and i am hardly around so… Thanks.

  4. Not that it looked bad before, not at all, but I like this new hair cut much better. At least from the picture.

      1. That would be questionable but most everything else would look great. Where or who did you get your new hairdo done?

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