Pirate balls.

No matter what she tries to say, I soooo kicked Ronna’s ass last night when we went to:

Pictures? Photographic evidence? Oh yeah…later. You bet.

36 thoughts on “Pirate balls.

      1. he kind of looks more like he’d be into smoking pot and listening to the grateful dead – not at all like he’s fond of saying “ARGH!” or has the rickets…his teeth are too nice for that. or is it the scurvy that makes your teeth fall out? hmmm…i do not remember.

  1. is it my fault they put Rat Shack and Game Stop at opposite ends of the mall. Hard to be inconspicuous when you’re a fucking cartoon character.

          1. they’re on sale at Claire’s for $8.99, which just happens to be halfway between GameStop and Radio Shack. As it is in 100 different malls, I’m starting to think there is a master plan for mall store placement. Now you know one more of my dirty little secrets.

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