Apocalypse on aisle 9

I swear it was like walking into a scene out of some not so long forgotten b-movie apocalypso re-run. Where the Hell was Springer? I actually stared, gape jawed as two Earth roving behemoths (one in a kitty cat and sequin emblazoned t-shirt no less!) struggled against each other over a half rack of H2O. Human nature in the face of possible, sluggish, wind blown doom is just as expected. Horrifyingly tiresome and predictably brutal. But then, who doesn’t love to watch a good car wreck?

As all the mayhem and merriment swirled around me…drawing forth a slight yawn, my eyes glazed over with the auto pilot kicking on just when I happened into zombie_bot, also scrounging up some little too late supplies. After he asked how I was I replied “I’m just here to grab a cooler and some duct tape.” Heh heh…my shopping list once again leads a questionably innocent imagination astray it seems. Certainly sounds like my kind of party favors though. Who’s got the spot welder and ankle weights?

58 thoughts on “Apocalypse on aisle 9

  1. the subject line and photo have me rolling on the floor laughing. i think you and ronna should evac here to her family that are in delray if possible. i am worried for all of us here :

      1. yes but at least that involved weapons. Much more fun to be perched on a rooftop with a rifle than witnessing the hand to hand combat of mammoths.

      1. believe me, i’m thankful that i didn’t – there are certain things one should never see. at least he’s recycling, i suppose…

    1. The usual. Gotta shut them up somehow and once you cut something off you have to keep it fresh to sew it back on later! Actually just prepping for the hurricane this weekend really.

          1. the hurricane part but i guess you could capture someone and keep them in the cooler for fresh meat >.0

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