Head over heels…

My girl…my girl just leaves me stalled out and staggered. Big blues that fill any room, kisses to melt my coldest day and a swish in her step that leaves me winded walking along behind. Devil only knows how I got this lucky…but I figure that it’s ok though since I owe him so much as is.

Image of bleedtheheart by cinnagirl.

30 thoughts on “Head over heels…

      1. it’s not bad, it’s good. good to be proud of your Lady. (even though it makes me jealous cos she looks so darn good! i wish i still had my 22 year old stomach!)

  1. I’m a bit floored and at a loss for words….. *vaughn laughs to himself at the thought of me actually at a loss for words* ….Yes. I am.

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