Fine art.

Really good day this was. Met up with Ronna’s aunt and uncle over in Mt. Dora for a bite and a bit of poking about the local “antiquaries”. Upon our departure, I found myself in posession of a talking Bozo exactly like one I had when I was still short in the pants as well as some very fine art…(dogs playing poker!!!). No idea where those furry fellas are gonna wind up living but I do know my baby must love me in heaping helpings of extra meaty kibble size bunches to dash her good taste in order to slap a smile on my face.

Tonight’s agenda found me back at the cave where after beating a few miles out of my feet, I threw the finishing touches on hexgirl13‘s new little, fang faced, purple friend…A matching purple to her red, baby bat head that I did for her custom like. Gonna ship him out as soon as I see the mailman’s hand wrapped around her envelope Saturday! Here’s a shot of him…still a bit wet behind his pointy little ears and wee bit flash burned though:

18 thoughts on “Fine art.

  1. I noticed you had Artimus Pyledriver listed on this entry. Have you ever seen this band live? Quite an experience. They are playing Will’s this month or next just in case you hadn’t heard. They shouldn’t be missed if you have the time to get fucking dirty. It’s a very dirty experience.

  2. Damnit…I was this close to going to Mount Dora today. There’s a coffee shop on 5th ave (Java Repulic/ The G spot…its in name transition) I used to work there and frequently go to hang out w/ those who were my regulars. :0P

      1. Well you and Ronna should go saturday to the craft fair and come get coffee from me. Coffee shop on 5th next to Alexandre.

        1. Heh heh…not very likely but thanks for the invite. We do plan on a return trip to pick up some stuff we wanted to buy today though.

  3. hey..what would eb the commision price on you doing an INVADER ZIM /GIR painting for wendi for X mas? I would like it to be done in your oh so awesome style. or would thar be too commercial?

    1. Hmm….I try to steer clear of other people’s work but for you two I could think about it. Depending on size and what you want we can fix up a price.

      1. bout the same size as the one you sold us… your impression of Gir being..well..gir. are you familiar with Jhonen Vasquez?

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