With or without wings?

I may not be an angel but I played the part today, crooked halo and all. No, I won’t explain but sometimes I’m not as cryptic as people might think and can in fact be taken at my word.

Plans to see my hellbilly brothers in P.B.R. Valhalla, the mighty Artimus Pyledriver tonight just got nixed. Beer Head Dave says that since Travis can’t seem to keep all four to the floor and rolled the van, they had to re-schedule for another time. Damn. Oh well…wasn’t lookin forward to greasin through the door of Will’s anyways. Air is too thick with the thin sneers and jeers of cheap beers and the “mock-abilly” nation. Whatever…I’ll be meeting up with a whole ‘nother band of criminal intent at the other end of the line which suits me just the same.

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