Twenty Six

The infamous twenty sixes my babydoll and I got while we were up in Atlanta for Mike and Zillah’s wedding.

Thanks for the pictures Em.

34 thoughts on “Twenty Six

    1. the twenty sixes are from a friend of hers. She did some quiz thing online and the answer to question 26 was a wish for our happiness together so it sorta stuck in my head.

          1. vaughn! your site is up, and ready for me to work on, forward me all those emails, as they have all your login info that i need.

      1. Oh no whatever it is it’ll turn totally uncool. Even if it is as cool as the phrase…….I rule…..see me saying it just makes it less cool

        1. Gotttcha. Well, I know a guy that just got “A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!” on his knuckles…And as silly as that sounds it sort of rocked.

          1. LOL was this one one hand LOL cause anyway you look at it…..thats one hand with way to many fingers on one hand. I would have issues zipping up shit I think. HMM around my wrist “Im too cool for school” Still not as cool now that I said it

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