Looks to me like it fits.

Took the scenic route up by way of the lost back highways to see the family and eat some yard bird. Long way round since I decided that the whole herd moved west (I got us lost). Once we got back on track and made way there everyone took right to bleedtheheart and she seemed to fit in nicely…perfectly as a matter of fact.

Halfway back we dipped through Daytona for some skee ball fueled arcade mayhem at the boardwalk and well, with that big moon filling up the sky and waves crashing all of ten feet off, I made my most illicit proposition thus far:

Celebrated the yes with some shrimps in the back seat of a retired old stock car and on our way we went…on to our new life.

That’s right folks, it’s official.

130 thoughts on “Looks to me like it fits.

      1. just out of curiosity, did you meet your lady through livejournal? (if you say yes, i just want to add this little bit of info to my pile of “why livejournal is so awesome”)

          1. yes!!!! i have lots of people making fun of me cos i am such an lj addict, but they don’t realize how great it actually is. i totally believe that it brings people together, not just romantically. some of my close friends i met thru here, etc. thank you. and you’re both very lucky to have found each other.

          2. I’ve met a lot of good friends through it as well…Lily for instance. Plus, I keep track and stay in touch with old friends from all over as well as sell a good bit of my art on here.

  1. wait, you are now engaged? I just want to make sure I read that right. If you are then I am SOO happy for you. That is freaking amazing. Congrats!! ♥

    1. Thank you C. I like to think we all deserve a bit of happiness buut after the last few years I was starting to wonder if I’d been skipped.

  2. Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! >_< Congratulations!...I had no idea, I just wanted to let you know I "walked out" of Hot Topic today and now you're engaged, jeesh, now I feel my news is so inappropriate. Ah well, way to go!

      1. Been better, been worse. But no major complaints. Just enjoying the single life and exploiting finally being 21 to the fullest advantage. I am so happy that you are doing better than just well!! You deserve it so soak it all up. =)

  3. hell hath frozen the v man setling down and going lagit (slugs vman in the shoulder and tackle hugs him) hell yah on the congrats just had a morning shot in condolences and congradulations live it well my freind

  4. hey congrats man! freshly hitched myself and trust me its worth it. But from the looks of things I think you already know that. Perhaps you’ve worked out an arrangement to avoid quarrels over who used up all the makeup?

    1. Shocker huh? Thanks brother man…we will be back up Dec.12,13,14 for me to get tattooed some more. I’ll give you a call then.

  5. I’ve been trying to find the right words since you posted. One year ago, I never thought it would be you…. “you’re what I wanted….” we have a new life…..and I am wearing the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen…..damn you, my eyes are gettin all a mist. I love you spooks…for always.

  6. Congratulations, V! I am so, so happy for you two! It’s about time you found happiness with another beautiful person who is deserving of you. I wish you both well in everything you do. <333

  7. Congratulations to you both! I’ve really enjoyed watching your relationship blossom through your LJ… and how damn happy you’ve been. Much love to you both. xoxo, VIB

  8. hey…just heard the news yesterday. (i was cut off from the technological wonders for the holiday weekend) congrats! i’m happy for you… and i’m glad you have found someone to keep you in line. 😉

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