Stalled out.

Feel like I’m rutted up pretty good this time. Can’t get anything new squeezed outta these stinkin brushes today by way of creeps or critters but the backgrounds are ready and piling up nicely. As soon as I snap out of whatever is stopping me up I will have at least three steady head starts. Problem is, I’m not very (wait for the heart stopper)…patient. I’ll now allow time for you to re-charge the defibrillator…


23 thoughts on “Stalled out.

  1. you mean your muse needs a breather after the 20 things you’ve done in the past month? we should all be so lucky….. p.s. I’d like to buy some pieces but my wallet is more like “how about a t shirt?”… Let me know when they’re available

    1. I admit, I have been on a bit of a mission but since it’s my only source of income at the moment it sort of gets to me sometimes when I feel stuck. I’ll be better after I watch some cartoon mexican wresting. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the ongoing shirt adventure though.

  2. what you need is to see some gummo looking kid beating up some other gummo looking kid… i know that ALWAYS inspires me. =]

  3. You’ve been prolific but, I understand how you feel. Last week was crap for me not being inspired. My writing for the past couple of months has suffered and well, I’m finally getting my sierra together and making more clothing. *greases up paddles for a jolt*

      1. In relation to a lot of other artists I’d say you’re pretty prolific but, that’s just me. CLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!

          1. Honestly I disagree, your site is so graphic heavy that I think it’s best to keep the main page simple, I mean people are only on it for 1 second to click to enter anyway.

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