Washed out

Well, we really meant to make way over to Tampa last night for the Black Halos but then the sky went all Chicken Little and drowned out our enthusiasm. Guess that means we brave the jock-a-billy bullshit fest that is Will’s on Mill’s tomorrow instead. Whatever, it will probably be a buncha ankle biters anyway since the only band anyone in this town’s up on as far as the bill goes is the Queers. Not that there’s anything wro…oh, never mind. River City Rebels are along for the ride as well but I’m still not sold on them. One spit valve too close to the “skay” for my taste. All those horns just make me wince.

Tonight I’ll beat up on my new brushes and push some paint around. Ya know, I sometimes feel like old Dick Dryfus sittin in a pile of potatoes…still can’t believe I spent four hours workin up a grey canvas the other day. It just wasn’t the right damn shade I tells ya!

Tomorrow though…it’s all downhill.

4 thoughts on “Washed out

    1. Yeah, there is that at least. I’m sure it will be good no matter what. I trust that Billy Hopeless character to bring the goods.

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