Your dark Masters compell you…

Bow before us for we are LEGION!!!

We alone know your secret fears.

43 thoughts on “Your dark Masters compell you…

          1. tell her to be careful! i don’t quite trust them yet – they’re so pretty and red…almost irresistible!

  1. It’s not like the prospects of having to go to eat lunch with Ted’s entire family for Easter this afternoon wasn’t frightening enough, now THIS???? I don’t know how many more horrors I can take this morning…….

    1. Be glad you weren’t subjected to the Good Morning America special I watched at 6am about the guy that uses these little yellow terrors to create art.

  2. What happens if I bite into all of their soft little heads and put them back..would they then be the Dawn of the Peeps?

      1. Oh sure, now that you say that I need to fulfill my desire to find out. Lock yourselves away folks, we may have to prepare for a zombiemallow invasion.

      1. ahahaha yes. but only when properly aged. they’re probably the only ranged weapon that improves in deadly accuracy the older they get.

  3. ok you and Ronna have now scared me so bad i don’t want to go to sleep tonight. hope you guys are having a great weekend. xoxox

  4. hehe now that easter is over all the peeps and chocolate bunnies are gonna be on sale tomorrow…i still wonder how we got yellow marshmallow chicks and chocolate bunnies out of the ressurection of christ…..we’re there chicks and bunnies around him at the time?

    1. It all actually predates that Jesus guy and all his shenanigans. Bunny/eggs=symbol of fertility. Yellow baby chickens…not a clue.

  5. i’m a one eyed, one horned, flying purple peep eater… but as for the rest, shit, they’ll just have to hunt me down!

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