All bears should wear hats.

This one has NO explanation.

He’s 20×24, acrylic on canvas…$125.00.

Click the link if you wanna see some more…

title or description

What was that I said the other day about a rut?

27 thoughts on “All bears should wear hats.

          1. Oh sure, now you’ve got me thinking of that Twilight Zone I believe it was with the guy who tried living in a sterile bubble only to find out he was infested with cockroaches..*shivers* I wonder if they could make him paint or write or be artistic.

      1. Now that my friend would be really cool. I need to get me a fez. I think I could easily pull off the shriner look.

  1. Another Mahvelous piece my dear… Your paintings tell me that there is a cuddly cutsie side to yah that all those tattoos cannot hide… 🙂 I need to go through your website and see what I cannot live without… what would look good with my “theme?” in my room…

      1. Hmmm… well the color is up on the walls thus far… a half mannequin is inside and quite a few mannequin heads wearing my wigs… vinyl records on the walls… very 80’s art deco I suppose… (New Wave chick)…. your artwork would be a very cute focus piece… I will have to peruse your website unless this jars an idea…

  2. Lui et Tyrone étaient prennent le thé ce matin sur le patio. J’ai entendu la mention d’un changement du monde.

  3. I thought you were weird but this is way too much…even for a little voodoo-hooker like me! Fucking strange. I am not certain how to take this. My dad is a Mason. Uh. I guess that is what it reminds me of…my dad.

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