Billy in a G-String?

Finally tracked down the Halos last night at Will’s and they sure did the trick. Nothing twists my head back on straight like a good show. Snapped off some pictures but none worth posting really, wish I woulda clicked a few more but I was sorta distracted. Got to yap with Billy on matters concerning our mutual Creature from the Black Lagoon collections as well as Jay and Denyss for about a second. At some point Billy, being ever the gentleman offered bleedtheheart his services for her bachelorette party but I’m thinkin…um, no. Not the sorta visual I think Ronna wants to wanna entertain.

Heh heh…The guy featured in this picture though, was bein a bit dickish you might say and later in the show “someone” may or may not have spit in his face and watched the confusion drip down his forehead from afar as he tried to figure out from whence it was delivered.

Ducked outta there before the youngsters got they’re pannies in a bunch over the Queers and briefly bounced around Orange Ave (Ibar, BBQ, Spy) and saw djld, aeldergoth, edgeofentropy among some others but the show buzz was wearing thin and late night snacking seemed a far more enticing destination than anything else on the map.

Friday brings us Hank III, Ass Jack and Artimus Pyledriver to cool our heels a bit…but ya know, I’ve seen them Pyledriver fellas more in the last few months than I think I ever did when I was living in Atlanta. Not that I’m complaining mind you but damn.

17 thoughts on “Billy in a G-String?

  1. I saw the Queers a few weeks ago with the Groovie Ghoulies. Groovie Ghoulies = lots of fun and very good Queers = not so good but didn’t even stay for most of their set and the queers caused way too much drama. ugh! but yeah. that’s all 🙂

  2. Hank III/Assjack and Artimus Pyledriver are playing Tallahassee in a couple days. I will be missing it though. Fucking job and stuff. Please do a review of Hank III and Pyledriver.

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