Helmet Hare

Preview of the new piece…

Bored and up way too early so I figured I’d get some sketching done. No idea what the deal is with my new interest in cute, cuddly animals with inappropriate head wear lately. Lack of sleep maybe?

34 thoughts on “Helmet Hare

  1. hahah I like it… “No idea what the deal is with my new interest in cute, cuddly animals with inappropriate head wear lately.”

    1. I guess it’s not so much a hat as it is a helmet though. And as for all the bunnies I been drawin…maybe too much Easter candy.

      1. yeah…it IS actually a helmet – i’m still 1/2 asleep and not as “with it” as i usually am. could very well be too much easter candy. i still have way too much of it – in fact there is a pack of creme eggs staring at me on my desk right now.

      2. Better bunnies than little yellow chicks. Although I must say that the idea of an undead peep sounds rather interesting.

        1. Heh heh… Think I scored a job yesterday by the way at one of the few places I actually WANT to work at. Interviewed and I’ll be surprised if I don’t get the call back.

      1. You know….sometimes I think you have your computer hooked directly up to your brainwaves….you always answer me so fast….I love it….lol… You guys are gonna laugh when you see my dining room….we are in the process of painting it Bordello Red…(French Whorehouse I believe….lol) But we only started putting on the primer and there wasn’t enough to cover it…..we let the kidlet monsters help….so it looks kind of like a bloodbath in there……very appetizing….mmmmmmmmmmm What time are the family staying until today…? Have the loverly Miss R call me when she arises….please….thank you ever so…

          1. Matthew wouldn’t let me finish painting it today because he said the smell would not be condusive (sp) to you both having a good dining experience….lol I thought maybe if you were high on the paint fumes you might appreciate the food more….:) How do you feel about Chicken Parmesan?….I have limited cooking skills…. scared yet?

          2. I huff so much paint as it is that I’d hardly notice. (Ronna says hi) Big fan of the “Cheese covered Yard Bird”!

          3. **runs out to kill a pigeon…I mean a chicken…** 🙂 Tell her to call when she wakes up for a min….I need to hear her sexay voice….

  2. Awww hell, you know you’re going to probably spark some serious interest with how odd these are right? I mean your work is already supremely cool but, these are just wild.

          1. well…just don’t sit there. Go grab the shotgun and fetch us some of them there popsicles.

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