Why I’ll shiver your timbers!

Another take on the pirate I been messin with. Seems that he now has a home port calling him so I’ll be back at it when I get home. This version is pretty much all Photo Shopped after a very muddled pencil and paper attempt. The final will be much more detailed also.

23 thoughts on “Why I’ll shiver your timbers!

          1. Dammit, I must bow out for now, but I will definitely get back with you when I can about it.

    1. Well, I would but…no offense…but I’ve stopped going on there. Too much unwelcome inappropriate correspondence if you know what I mean. I will probably post the finished one on the My Space page though.

      1. Uhm, no I don’t know what you mean. I’ve missed your participation. What was happening? Is it something where I can fix it?

        1. Not really…Just girls being girls. Hope you are well though…saw some interesting posts on My Space that made me wonder if High School was back in session out there though.

          1. The ladies were hitting on you too much? If there were any specific offenders, I can probably ask them to chill. Sigh. I left high school early for a reason, but I guess I need to deal with that regardless. If you felt like leaving this message screened and forwarding whatever is making the MySpace rounds to me, that would be super cool. Don’t you wish you could depend on more people to at least try to keep their word when they make promises up one side and down the other?

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