Here we can see still footage of the extremely elusive “Va-Ronna” captured by the lense of a photobooth at the Social. This is indeed a rare sighting and proof that the species in not in fact a myth. If spotted, do NOT attempt to approach the “Va-Ronna” as the creature is prone to bouts of extreme sarcasm and has been known to cause illness through extensive public displays of affection.

24 thoughts on “::SIGHTED::

  1. Lovely & Scary Holy Fuck, U Smile! I Had No Idea Happiness In Knowing You Two Are Well, Content, In Love Good For U Brother, Now Make It Count; And Make It Last Other News: U Fucking Smile! You Two Are Stunning In A Royalty Type Of Way Sigmund Sivar The Quizatsatterak What The Fuck Is The Social?

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