In progress…

Not finished yet but looking for some input.

What do you think?

Still not sure what to put on the epitaph either.

31 thoughts on “In progress…

      1. hmmm well i was just thinking along the lines of owls often being related to ancient books, wizards and wisdom kind of thing… doesn’t matter if you don’t get me, it’s just my crazy mind thoughts. 🙂

  1. i likes..but i do agree with putting a lil more detail to it…’d be an awesome custom shirt tho where it’ll be like “Here thee lies (Fill in with desied name) (s)he died (Fill with choice of death)”

  2. The owls are spooky and adorable at the same time. This is one of my favorite pieces of yours! “He had a hoot of a time living.” Hahaha, I’m a dork. Don’t put that on the headstone; it’s just me being silly. But, yeah. I love the owls.

  3. Very cool. You’re right about adding the feet on the other 2 owls. Will add much to the detail. Want to see the finished product.

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