I really need to regain possession of these two items.


I like to tell people they were sorta the anti-Hanoi Rocks…traded my last copies for the entire Dogs D’Amour catalog a few years back and now I can’t track them down.

creepy1966…I’m lookin at you here.

15 thoughts on “Anybody?

  1. i’ve never heard them. but……you have the entire dogs d’amour catalog!!!!!! something EVERYONE should be envious of!!!

          1. i don’t have any of his solo stuff. 🙁 i DO have the thing he did with the quireboys guy on tape, though………and……….naturally………i LOVE it!!!

  2. Fuck,Man…I still have copies of at least one of those in my stash..that I had picked up expressly to send to you,along with High Priest Of Love. .

    1. Rock. I thought you might have mentioned that at some point. What’s your regular email and I’ll send you the proper co-ordinates.

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