28 thoughts on “Marius

  1. Oh I love that you did that! Now you gotta do Tyrone 😉 I love it!!! Should I wait on putting it in the gallery?

  2. you wouldnt happen to be visiting the ATL in october?? Heres why I ask: new event with a goth/deathrock twist now booking artists/dark comics to show work at our events. There is NO cost involved, you can sell your work with no % to the venue. All artwork work must be ready to hang. HeXxt (the event) will be held Oct 8th (Saturday), we are located four doors down from 688.

    1. Sorry…all my work will be tied up in a showing the entire month of Oct. I’m flattered you asked though. Keep me posted on similar events and I will be having some stuff on display in Atlanta from Nov through Jan. Damn I mis 688.

      1. I miss 688 too, thats why Im doing events four doors down..lol, funny how i even miss the leaky roof and broken bathroom mirror. Were doing two event (hopefully) in Nov and Dec too.

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