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  1. hey vaughn, been trying to get ahold of you (sent some emails via your website) and gave my number to matt and cyn last night at the club. i want to buy 2 of your paintings (pins and gill baby) if they are still available. just let me know.thanks dude.

      1. that would be cool. let’s do it. here’s why i was interested in those two. gill baby was going to be a gift for a friend who is a big creature from the black lagoon fan. pins, i thought reflected my love-life ( all the “needles and pins” i’ve endured ). so. if you can work with that, let me know.

        1. Absolutely. I’m a little swamped at the moment due to my showing through October at the Peacock Room but I can deffinately get a new gill baby together. Pins will of course take a bit of time…maybe a week or two.

          1. cool.i’m not on any time table. i don’t mind waiting on good art (waited 3 years for an art adams piece. well worth the wait).

          2. Well…I won’t need THAT long that’s for sure. I’ll need a deposit on a new “Pins” though so we should set that up. Sorry, been screwed on $$$ too many times and need to be sure when someone is serious. Hope it’s not a problem.

          3. no problem. like i said, gave matt and cyn my cel phone number or call me (tony) at my store (407-859-3422) and let’s set something up.

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