Just a few short words of thanks…

Thanks first to creepy1966 for all the SMACK…between that and the Zed, your delivery should feed my head fulla trash rock goodness for quite awhile.

And also…thanks to my buddy boy Tino for the slightly used set of:

*I’ll use them in good health and spread dental reconstruction with complete and utter abandon from here on.

(*joke people)

13 thoughts on “Just a few short words of thanks…

  1. No problem,Mang.Sorry it took so long… I hope you ain;t carrying those things around.That’s a felony rap right there,and a pair of steel toed shoes/boots are not only legal,but (I’ve found) much more efficient. You got a stalker,eh?I want a few of those…They make good cat food.

    1. Eh…I quit carrying them things when I was about 16. I too am a well heeled fan of the steel toe. It was just funny because I stopped by his work and he was all “Here..got you somethin!”

  2. Agh the lovely knuckles….i have a set myself….there’s nothing more sweet to the ears then the sound of brass connecting to a mouthfull of enamel.

    1. Only time I’ve used a set was several years ago in a town that is not this one. I was jumped and happened to have them in my jacket pocket. All I could connect to was one of the two and his ribs got worked out nice. When the other saw how I sorted out his buddy they left me to nurse my black eye and busted lip. I imagine it could have been far worse.

  3. Nothing like a set of knuckle dusters to round out your self defense. I was the recipient of cracked orbital bone from one of those bad boys.

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