40 thoughts on “New Bride?!?!?

    1. Thanks brother.. I believe she is what…24×36 right? Just tell me when yer ready and I’ll see what I can do.

          1. yeah, i dig ’em…it’s just that one struck me the same way as mummicita…i saw and and was like…oh yeah!

          2. cool…i’ll have to swing by 761 and pick it up….i need to come by there anyway…it’s been a while.

          3. Gotta go grab a canvas tomorrow then as all I have close are a bit smaller. You want this same color scheme?

          4. hey man…do you think you could take some pictures of the process of putting the painting together? I think it will be really cool thing to have a kind of “photo story” about the painting….let me know…good talking to you today too, man. see you soon.

  1. has anyone [besides you] used your artwork for tattoos? i thought i’d ask you about that…all the stuff you paint totally rules…it’s my kind of stuff…ya know?

  2. She’s really cool. BTW, Joann’s is having a 1 week sale starting tomorrow on canvases. Do you want me to pick some up for you? I could meet you there tomorrow if you like & we can use my 15% discount on top of the 50% off that they are for the sale. Just let me know. arioghanwyn@yahoo.com

      1. That really sucks. Maybe next time. Seems to happen about every month or so. But the new painting is gorgeous! I love the face!

    1. yeah….you could have one just like me….he’s making me a larger version to match the size of the mummicita i got in december…. =]

  3. I LOVE IT! Ahhhh, geez. If I had the moola to spend I would hang it on my wall right now. Her eyes are fantastic.

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