Counting down the days (April 1st) till I get “the keys”. Big promotion at work has left me in a place I was actually more or less at when I was down and out in Orlando. Only differences being a 51% raise and a much bigger challenge. I’m good with challenge. In the time I’ve been here I’ve obviously shown the higher ups that I’m ready for the next step…and the one after that…Gonna be a bit weird to have my former boss stepped down a bit but at least I know I won’t have to show him how to do his job and between the two of us there should be quite the turn around. See, he’s not in trouble or anything just didn’t have the ability to invest the same sort of commitment anymore but he’s gonna be a big part of the new game plan.

I suppose it’s like changing out the spark plugs.

16 thoughts on “Worked

  1. Congratulations on the changing of the spark plugs. Also, dude, sometimes your musical choices trip me out, because sometimes it’s groups that I haven’t thought about in years or listened to in years. Case in point: Zodiac Mindwarp; this time it’s Circus of Power. Now I will have to go look for them on Limewire.

    1. Thanks.. Good luck…I found a few songs on there but finally had to break down and re-buy some of the more important stuff.

    1. Thanks..but I’m FAR from raking in any sort of “big bucks” just yet. I hesitate to say where I work but it’s music related.

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