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69 eyes andy prieboy antonin artaud arthur machen backyard babies bad movies bats beat angels belt buckles big foot black halos boondock saints bowie broken knuckles bruises bukowski busted teeth captain morgan circus of power clowns coffin joe columbian neckties compound fractures contusions coop cracked ribs creatures d generation david burke dead boys deadbolt destructive behavior dirty power dogs d’amour dosteovsky dr. paul bearer dr. satan electric angels ex-idols faster pussycat foghorn leghorn fortean times frankenstein fullmoon entertainment glam rock glenn barr hanoi rocks heavy hearts hermann hesse horror iggy pop izzy stradlin james havoc jim carroll joe coleman johnny cash johnny thunders juxtapoz knives lordsofthenewchurch mark manning mikhail bulgakov monkeys monsters motorcycle boy motorhead nashville pussy new bomb turks painting paolo pasolini parking-lot carnivals pirates and hobo’s polka dots prick magazine r.k. sloane rat fink richmond sluts robots ronna in my arms secret societies severed heads shag sham 69 sideshow freaks skunk ape slasher movies sleaze rock smack(finland) steven j.bernstein stiv bators tattoos the abominable dr. phibes the cramps the hellacopters the pizz the sea hags the throbs the ultras the yo yos three hour tours toilet boys tom waits toy dolls turbonegro twisted tales tyla tyrone shoelaces vampires voodoo werewolves wildhearts william s burroughs zeke zodiac mindwarp zombies

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      1. I caught ’em last night. The crowd seemed to dig ’em which suprised me since their music isn’t exactly what the kiddies are hip to these days. Did you know when they started out they were a sleeze rock band? They kind of did a Shotgun Messiah but took a more of a goth turn rather than industrial.

        1. Yeah, Jeremy of Nashville Pussy fame turned me onto them when they were still “sleazy” and I liked them a whole lot better.

      2. Nope, didn’t happen to be one of those nights that I catch Carson Daily. That’s cool though. 🙂 I have their cd, and while a few songs are a little much for me, I think for the most part they’re pretty awesome. I really like the “Lost Boys” song. I think they captured the mood of the movie and that time really well. The video for it is cool, have you seen it?

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