Showing tonight and tomorrow in Atlanta

Swung by the JUNGLE last night to set up my paintings for the SKIN TWO party this weekend. If you are going, my stuff is set up on the main wall to your left as you walk in the lounge area before the main room. I’ll be there tonight but not tomorrow so say hello.

8 thoughts on “Showing tonight and tomorrow in Atlanta

  1. Going ta Ministry – Revco?? Best of luck on the showing yer stuff be quite the “Good” stuff. NiK

      1. Wow,It fucking sucked a dick,from what I saw the fuckers did early show time so……….missed Revco Got the Ministry encore at 11;30,When the hell did the Rade do early shows and why didnt pre-paid get a doors time?Ether way the sound sucked and Im kinda glad we didnt have to sit through that as long as we wouldve,Lame part is My missus has never seen Ministry play,cause O Drama in the past and this is all I can offer as far as Atlantas concerned. In short you were dead on in your lack of enthusiasim. Best to yas! Slash

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