“Hello there Mr. Bateman”

Lately, I have caught myself several times involved in conversations that literally…I could give less than two shits and a nickle about and yet there I am, nodding along and letting the other person blather on like I am in total agreement. In reality though my inner dialog goes something like…“You complete fucking wind bag, how is it you can even remember to pull air and stay out of traffic much less piece together complete sentences and tie your shoes?” I feel like the guy in “American Psycho” where through very careful measures of self control he fits into the world on the surface but inside is a whole other story where I just want to jam my thumb through the next person I meets eye socket to the back of their skull rather than so much as look at them.

Maybe I need a little bit of time off?

Wonder where I put that roll of Saran Wrap…hmmm…

8 thoughts on ““Hello there Mr. Bateman”

  1. Funny you should say that. I found this ysterday and actually clipped it out of the newspaper: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Such is life when you work in a bar.

  2. that’s pretty much how i’ve been on a somewhat daily basis (minus weekends), for the last three years. my inner dialog is more like “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!! WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP???”. i’m also more of a sledge hammer to the head rather than thumb through the eye socket type of person – they repulse me and i don’t want to touch them.

      1. Im now horribly self aware of the run on conversation, If I even think Im inflicting it on another human being Ill just Fuck off best I can. Problem is,Im too fucking polite when it happens to me. Thus the scars of 17 years in the bar jobs & Drug habits. I find its best to take a break myself. Speaking of which Ill be at the Ho this Tuesday visting Cletus,If your not in exile stop by ifn ya can. Best to yas in yer Missus! SLash

        1. I just try to step away from the conversation now but mostly I want to stab them. Not all the time but mostly. I try to steer clear of that joint these days.

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