Sleeping primates?

Been on my own all week as the wife is in Los Angeles visiting some friends and scouting new digs. So far I’ve done a whole lotta nothin but sketch and try to dig through some of the clutter that is our home. Sleep is tough and work has been crushing. Today was the most brutal since last November but my crew made it through without even breaking a sweat. Some days it’s good to be the boss and today they made us look pretty damn dialed in and I payed them with a few buckets of fried yard bird for their trouble. Tonight I’m sure to sleep with the dead and know that I earned every last Z.

Got a new anonymous poster (anyone wanna stalk down an i.p. and have some fun?)I should mention as well…this one sounds pretty much like a jealous ex or maybe the ex boyfriend of some past forgotten throw away. Did I hurt your pride? Maybe it’s someone who never even entered my field of vision no matter how hard they jumped up and down. Whatever the case, thanks for the small bit of entertainment and I agree…I do look sort of like a monkey with a bad haircut. That’s actually what I was going for so it’s good to know that I pulled that off.


As well as an ugly gay monkey I also apparently look like Charles Barkley and Shirley Temple’s secret, illegitimate fuckin love baby!!!


30 thoughts on “Sleeping primates?

      1. If she EVER calls you at 4am again from a hotel room looking for you I’m taking the new car on a road trip. Yeah….I can hold a grudge….but it’s more that I held my tongue. (and I don’t mean shirley temple) xxoo

  1. Yeah….Let Me Track This MoFo And Get Mid-Evil On Dat Ass; With Pipe Wrenches And Some Blow Torches Hell Yeah Mother Fuckers That Have Nothing Better To Do But Talk Shit, And Stay Anonymous Fuck Them… Get Me The I.P. I Will Get U Their Name, Location, And Address…But Beware, Sometimes Finding Out Shit Is Worse Than Never Knowing…Seriously Bro Up To U Hope U Have Been Well Sig

  2. Regarding tracking down an IP address–I’ll give it a shot, if you like. I’m a little rusty, but infosec was always a fun game regardless of which side I was on.

      1. Not much I could find, unfortunately. It’s a Comcast customer, connecting from Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a northeastern suburb of Denver. The IP is dynamic, so there’s no guarantee that the same person has it from day to day (although usually they’re fairly consistent).

        If you know anyone in that area, though, I’d be giving them the hairy eyeball.

        1. That’s ok…I have a few other people hot on the trail. Not sure who I know in that area but I’ll figure it out I’m sure. Thanks again.

          1. hmmm…funny that mine came from colorado as well….with 2 of your ex’s living there…. xxoo

  3. are they EVER going to stop being jealous?????? they could only wish they a…were you….or b…with you. fucking cunts.

    1. If they only knew a) What a mess I am…or b) What a jerk I am. Love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow night. This vacation of yours has NOT been good for me.

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