A little sketch into a little creep…

Prismacolor markers cleaned up in Photoshop.

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Not sure what will become of this little (blood)sucker…maybe a mini-print?

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  1. Hey Vaughn, I would like to feature you as artist of the month for the month of November at my website. Every month my staff puts out a newsletter/zine. This month I am starting some new sections in it and one is artist of the month. Is this cool with you? If so here is what I need from you like as soon as possible. Like by friday would be really amazing if that is cool. I already have your website address.. need: cafepress address info on how to purchase your art a photo of one of your paintings(feel free to add copyright over it) questions: how long have you been an artist? what types of art do you do? what do you use to make your art(types of materials)? best thing about being an artist? worst thing about being an artist? anything else you want to add: a bio on you(Ronna too if you want): Thank you! Kristen

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