Been throwing most of my thoughts into my paper journal lately as there hasn’t been much I wanted to subject anyone else too…I mean share. Work, sick, paint, repeat. Yesterday we layed up at home for our first “just us” Thanksgiving. I was up at 9am and the bird (all 16lbs of him) was in the oven by 9:30. Yes, I cooked my first turkey yesterday. Even whipped up some homemade tattersalad to go along with. We had quite the spread when it was all said and done. Ronna provided pies, stuffings and vegetables and Tyrone just sorta layed around watching squirrels. All in all I’d say it was a successful event.

Now, I am away to the salt mines while my beautiful wife rests her little sick head and Tyrone keeps a watch for pesky varmints.

12 thoughts on “Birdbrain

  1. your thanksgiving sounded lovely. congrats on your first turkey. I have been using an Art journal lately to record thoughts. Sometimes paper is just so much more appealing and artistic.

    1. Hmm…well, thank you for that. By the way…I can do that Baby Bat anythime you are ready for him. It would take me like a week. That is if you are still interested of course.

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