Too Few York Dolls

Ok…we went to the Dolls show last night and it was good. They sounded great and of course the Supersuckers opening, though an odd mix was a sure way to guarantee my attendance. The thing is…I mean…I like the Dolls. Never loved ’em or nothin (liked Hanoi Rocks and Lords of the New Church Better) but I wasn’t gonna miss this show either way since I don’t think they will last much longer this way. All I will say however is that I only really wanted to hear about 6 songs and none of those are on this new cd. Out of those 6 I got like 4 though so whatever. Had a good time, saw all the usual unusuals and a few unexpected lurkers to boot.

It was a damn fine Supersuckers show.

18 thoughts on “Too Few York Dolls

  1. i remember that guy sat in with the Glitterdome band…..what a piece of work. he actually lived here at the time; not sure if he still does…but, whatever. been trying to get the plans for 2007 laid out, but things at Mordor keep getting juggled around. it’s been a while since i have been to a show….i need to go. anyone good coming this way? hope to run into you soon…maybe on my way back from the tour of Texas. give my best to R.

    1. Yeh…he lives in Decatur still, comes in the store now and again to see Gibson. Nothing really good coming to town soon. Let us know when you are back from Texas and we can do dead cows on fire.

  2. Yeah, I was always hit or miss on the Dolls and seeing them last year was a delightful suprise because like you I only was going for 4 or 5 songs. I still catch Johansen every Saturday night on Sirius. But I have to disagree, Although I’m no NYD fan, they are a landslide less annoying than Hanoi Rocks.

  3. i got some nasty bruises during the supersuckers set but the dolls were fun yay at steve for being kind enough to put my broke ass on the list did you catch the chesterfield kings?

    1. Bruises are a part of any good show! I did and after about the second or third song, I thought they sucked a little less.

  4. I saw the dolls at their whorelando show last year. good performance. the guitarist ain’t no Johnny Thunders but he holds his own. Is that new cd any good?

  5. Wow, David Johansen’s body looks like he still is in his 20’s. I at first thought that was an old cover from a 70’s album.

    1. Only Syl and David J. are still alive so they recruited Sammy Yaffa from Hanoi Rocks on bass and two other guys to fill in the blanks.

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