Twice bitten.

Had an order for some custom bats come through last week and since I hadn’t done any really in quite awhile I figured I’d re-visit some older ideas and see what I came up with…acrylic on wood:

(Please forgive the shaky image)

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I have one blank piece of wood left and think another of these will most likely appear before the weekend. You know…if anyone was interested or somethin.

6 thoughts on “Twice bitten.

  1. were you using some sort of sparkle-glitter paint for the backgrounds, because the one on the right reminds me of an old sparkle-top guitar.

    1. No sparkle and or glitter paints were harmed in the making of these pieces but they do sort of resemble a sparkle top now that you mention it. Plus…the finish I put on them gets shiny when the flash pops.

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