Open letter to Ebay

Dear Ebay,

You are an evil bastard. Damn you to pieces for stealing all these countless hours from me and my other bitch master You Tube. Damn you for all of your irresistible and strange goodies…especially that jackalope head in Texas that was whisked away from my grasp the other night while I was being out-bid in my sleep.

I hate you.

Thank you for my patches though.
They arrived today and are really very very nice.

9 thoughts on “Open letter to Ebay

    1. No shit right.. I typed this as I sit here waiting out the clock on a new ox-blood leather jacket. Do I care that it’s 80 degrees outside everyday this time of year? Um….no.

      1. hah..where i am, the air is thick from smoke[fires] and 80 degrees.i definitely don’t care to be anywhere else right now.*computer chair squeaks* i was outbid two nights ago and it just pissed me off to no end..the fucker snuck in at the last second[it seemed anyways].

  1. oh ebay… i just got a crapload of girly things there yesterday…eventhough im in the middle of trying to get my $ from a seller who is now suspended :/ thank god for bank of america..they’re doing the work. is it smokey there at all? orlando is crap:(

  2. hey look, I am on LJ. The world must be ending. yes, Ebay is particularly evil. This comes from someone that makes her living on there (hopefully this will change soon. Argh.) they take all my money in fees and then I buy stuff too. If you dont want to be outbid in your sleep, use It’s SOO worth it!

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